Mountain Bike Strength Training - Gym Workout

Hey guys! This week has been an insane one for me. It started with a snapped chain and broken derailer on my bike and is packed full of meetings and events that is preventing me from getting outside. However, I really don't want to go a week without working on the mountain bike endurance that I'm starting to build. I have a couple 30 minute breaks that I can head over to the gym, but there aren't many resources for "Strength Training for Mountain Biking", so I'm going to make one for myself! I hope this helps you out on your busier weeks too, or just gives you something fun to try at the gym.

Keep in mind I am not a personal trainer, but I do know what muscles and what movements need work for cycling, especially focusing on the particular movements of mountain biking. I want to make sure I am targeting my large muscle groups, so this will be largely glutes, shoulders and core.

I went through a whole phase where I was trying to build my white girl bootie and this was one of my favorite treadmill workouts. I'm going to modify it to a nice warm up. Keep in mind, I have 30 minutes to spare so I'm hitting it hard to start.


5 Minute Resistance Band Treadmill workout.

(Since I also don't have time to make my own videos at this point, these were the closest I could find. Also, I just have plain resistance bands, I'm not sure about this particular brand.)

2 minute warm up - speed at a comfortable fast walk, incline between 5 & 8. Then alternate between these band moves for 3 to 5 minutes.

Fast Forward to 16 seconds into the video

Reduce speed A LOT and lower incline to 2 - 3

1 minute resistance band walking lunge - shown in video

30 seconds - left side squat walk - shown in video

30 seconds - right side squat walk - shown in video

1 minute - jump in, jump out squat - shown in video

Now lets quickly head into our strength session. I will post an upper body specific one soon, but for this week, it will look like this. I love the Smith Machine...LOVE IT! I can use heavier weights and still keep my form. Since I sincerely need to work on my "hinge" for downhill mountain biking this is an awesome place to do it.

Smith Machine Dead Lift:

3 sets of 20 with a weight that feels HEAVY but you can still complete the full set. Make sure you are not locking out your knees and that you are fully squeezing your glutes at the top.

Core Work in between exercises: 60 second plank

Single Leg Deadlift - Smith Machine:

3 sets of 10 on each leg with a lighter weight than you previously used, but still works your tush.

Core Work in between exercises: 60 second plank

Squat - Smith Machine

3 sets of 20 - use a weight that feels heavy and always watch for your knees to stay in line with your hips and never go past your toes.

Core Work in between exercises: 60 second plank

Stretch and Cool Down!!!

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