It's ski season, let's demo some skis....

Hey Ladies! It's the start of ski season and we are having a very slow start so far but I'm going to start my list of recommendations with skis. I rode a pair of K2 Sweet Luv's for almost 12 years. I know, I know...but they are amazing ski's for fast groomed runs at an amazing price. Only 72 under foot, you could carve, cruise and stop on a dime even on ice. However, as I moved towards more pow and back country runs I upgraded my kit last year to a pair of Women's DPS Nina's (pictured above). They are 99 under foot and are said to be the "Perfect All Mountain Ski". I will say that I was very used to a small and shorter ski so it took me a whole season to get used to them. I definitely had to learn how to ski THEM versus them skiing me, very clumsily down the mountain. I absolutely love them in powder and for skinning, however I'm still getting used to the 'chop' they produce when skiing hard pack and groomed runs. I notice a lot of chatter which is somewhat unnerving for me and breaks my focus and line at times when I'm skiing the groomers.


So in the essence of research and recommendations, I'm going to team up with a couple shops here in town and start demo'ing other skis as well. At least twice a month, I'm going to check out a new kit, so stay tuned for more detailed reviews!

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