Dead Horse State Park - Moab, UT - Trail Review

Prior to heading to Moab, UT for Thanksgiving this year I reached out to quite a few fellow mountain bikers. Mostly riders with way more experience then I have. To be honest, I was pretty intimidated by the thought of going to Moab. All those rocks, all those broken bones. At least that's what went through my head. Turns out your average riding in Moab is far from what the adventure downhill bikers love to record with their GoPro's. There were so many Green/Blue runs for your beginner to intermediate rider, my favorite being Dead Horse State Park. No one I had talked to had been there yet, including the more skilled riders I was traveling with. So we made a plan to make the 45 minute drive from Moab to check it out. Absolutely worth it!!! There is a $15 fee which covers a 3 day pass. The trail system is incredible and offers 17 miles of trails. I didn't see a single hiker on the trail but there were plenty of riders out. Not so many that you couldn't enjoy some solitude and great views though!

Trailhead: Park at the Welcome center and head counter clockwise on the Dead Horse Point Tour per MTBProject's suggestion, which is 14 miles of single track. The trail offered good climbs, some technical ascents and descents that were just enough to build my skill level, but not so much I couldn't tackle. An amazing flat out track through the dessert on soft but not sandy terrain that had us all sprinting for fun and then back into the rock formations for more spectacular views. Watch out for the sand snakes on the last few miles in, I don't think I got out of one of them without dismounting. :)

Apres Recommendations:

Gearheads Outdoor Store - Just try not to buy something at this outdoor store! We went in to fill our water containers, which they let you do for FREE, and came out with significantly less money in my bank account. They have a great selection of outdoor equipment camping gear, to bike equipment, to climbing equipment and clothing. Did I mention the free water station? No trip to Moab is complete without hitting this place up at least once.

Blue Pig BBQ - This BBQ restaurant features not only amazing BBQ but a live blues band every night. Get there early, it fills up quickly. Keep in mind alcohol is only served in the bar area where the band plays. The menu offers plenty of BBQ options and the staff is super friendly!

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