North Table Mountain Loop - Golden, CO - Trail Review

I feel like I have to start my trail guide with this loop. First, the trail head is about a mile from my house, making it all to easy to get to and I have no excuses for not visiting it more often. Secondly, because it was the first trail I rode after I got my new bike this summer. This trail kicks my arse, for sure! However, after reading other trial guides, I'm pretty sure I looped it the wrong way. In fact after checking out MTBProject, I definitely looped it the wrong way...making for some parts of very technical ascent that would have been far easier as a descent. Considering I'm a newbie to mountain biking, it may not actually be that hard for experienced riders. However, I have no problem walking my bike up or down the technical parts that scare me.

That being said, it is's a 7.5 mile loop with pretty amazing views of our beautiful Mile High City towards the east and the foothills towards the west. It is mixed use trail and there are hikers, runners, dogs and riders going both directions, so keep an eye out.

Trailhead - There are actually two trail heads that will get you on the loop.

North Table Mountain Trail Head - Head Southeast for the easiest route

North Table Mountain South Trail Head - Head west for the easiest route

Apres Recommendation - Once you are done with you ride or hike, make sure to stop by New Terrain Brewing Company at the base of the North Table Mountain South Trail Head. It's in a rather odd industrial area of Golden, but the beer and live music is a must! The place gets packed so try to get there early or bring a folding chair. Check out their webpage for additional info. They have a nightly food trucks, host weekly run, ride and yoga clubs and I have yet to hear a bad band there.

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