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Welcome to Backcounty Adventure Group & Backcountry Diva's!!

As an outdoor adventure instructor, and ambassador for Switchback Chics living in Colorado, I've started Backcountry Diva to not only brag about my own adventures but to help support and promote Switchback Chics, an absolutely amazing and inspiring site to promote all woman as we venture through this life together. 

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About Me

I'm not really a diva, I promise!

My name is Brie and I moved to Golden, CO almost 20 years ago from a little town in Iowa.  I came out here to finish college and fell in love with all things this amazing state has to offer.  For the 1st ten years I lived here I saw Colorado as a triathlete.  Spending my summers swimming, biking and running all around the front range. 


Winter was reserved for skiing.  I've been an avid skier since I moved here and just recently started back country skiing to get away from the crowds and closer to mother nature.  I've fallen in love with skinning and the uphill skiing portion that back country skiing has to offer.  I've given up triathlons for now to focus on paddleboarding, mountain biking and hiking in warmer temps.


Along the way I've become a PSUPA Certified Paddlepoard instructor, PMBIA Level 1 Mountain Bike Instructor and am currently working on my AIARE Pro courses!  I'm looking to promote back country activities and adventures, including skiing, boarding, snowshoeing, hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, camping - aka glamping, although I've agreed to attempt actual camping again.  :)  This isn't just about me!  Please join Life's 2 Short FitnessSwitchback Chics Facebook Group and follow us!  I will be planning monthly activities and would love you to join me!!!  I'll also be posting product reviews, trail reviews, tips and tricks for all areas that I may learn through failure and hopefully a few successes and anything else my wandering brain comes up with.  Please join me as I take you along my adventures in and around Colorado.

Also, expect kids and cats, but mostly my adventure cats, Lucy & Little Man

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